Links de Instrumentos Estranhos de Leo Fuks

Leo Fuks' Strange Instruments and Music Making Links
Ice Oboe on Brazilian TV  - Leo Fuks builds an ice oboe on national Brazilian TV, with anchor woman Ana Maria Braga. A silicon mold was used and the performer played different tones.

Enophone, a mouth-controlled Solo Glass Bowl -

Tribe Flute - Bambolê-flauta

BamboLed - Bambole with light and sounds -

Cyclophonica Bicycle Orchestra Description - This short video shows the basic ideas and proposals of the Cyclophonica Project. The group plays in front of the Opera House, Cinelandia Square, vicinity of Modern Art Museum and the Flamengo Park. The themes are Vila=Lobos' "Trenzinho do Caipira", Carmen Habanera (Bizet), Ravel's Bolero and Baião by Luiz Gonzaga.   From the film by Sérgio Bloch, Tudo Sobre Rodas (On Wheels).

Cyclophonica PERFORMING Programa do JÔ…